Adopting a cat is a major responsability, so prepare your house for a cat to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible . Adopting a kitten is like bringing sunshine to your life. Laughs and cuteness will be a part of your daily life ! However, animals and especially cats
Always think before you get a cat
Every one wants to get a cat because of their adorable pretty faces and their shenanigans. You too want one in your home, it's a great idea. Cats bring an extra splash of life into a household and make your house a more serene place to be. This could be
Have you noticed that your old cat has been drinking water more than usual lately? Has he been repeatedly going to his water bowl? Do you have to refill his water bowl more often? Have you observed him drinking from water sources he doesn’t drink from before like the toilet
It Is Possible For Cats To Suffer From Spasticity Spasticity is a muscular dystomy, a form of mitochondrial myopathy. To this day, there still remains little research and writing about this form of muscle weakness. Kittens that develop this disease usually begin to show signs around six to 20 weeks of age, and sadly
Prevention of Transmission of Zoonoses Cats are not really dangerous creatures to keep in the home in relation to zoonotic diseases. What is important is you know and institute measures in the home to prevent transmission of these cat diseases to humans. Here are measures that can be done to
Over the years cats have become the world’s most popular pet owing to their irresistible mysterious charm. Many are even treated as more than pets but as members of the family -- sleeping in their human’s beds and sharing a meal at the table. A fair number of felines are
When Does My Cat Become A Senior? Generally, it is accepted that a cat begins to enter its senior years at seven years old. At around this age, cats will start to show physical and behavioural changes that are related to ageing. Some books, however, break down further this life
Your cat is always your most devoted pal. Ensuring your feline is in a perfectly good condition and happy is the easiest way of rewarding her companionship and affection. Cats can be very wise, and they also have their unique means of entertaining themselves. They’re normally not as clingy as
Cat declawing is something that many cat owners think about when they see that their pet scratches. You have many options that can be used to protect your furniture and you might want to be informed before you take a decision. This is since there are some side effects that
Protein stands out as a basic building block for enzymes, cells, organs, tissues, antibodies, and hormones. It is crucial for reproduction, repair, maintenance, and growth. The great news is that you can obtain proteins from many different sources. You have animal-based protein sources like fish, eggs, beef, turkey, lamb, and chicken.

Cat artists

There are many artists who create beautiful paintings of cats. Artists love cats. And so we cannot get enough of the marvellous artistic cat paintings. This can outrange from portret frames to beautiful abstracts and funny paintings. Have a look on this website to choose from a wide range of different
It is definitely a really exciting moment to learn that your cat is pregnant but you should understand the fact that this also means that you are responsible for what will happen. Below you will find some really important tips that you have to always remember when faced with such
Most cat owners make the bad assumption that cat diet should avoid all the foods that a dog diet does. The metabolism of a cat is different than that of a dog so there are different foods that are really bad for the cat while not causing any problems for
It can get absolutely amazing to look at a teeny 5-ounce kitten grow into for an 8-12 pound cat over one year. How might the kitten get here? How can most people best support the kitten’s growth? I'm going to try to answer these questions for you in this article. Until
As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is well with your cat. Cats don't speak, they cannot tell you if something is wrong with them, therefore you must be aware. Below you will find a list of the five top indicators of poor cat health.

Cat translator

Always wanted to know what your cat is trying to tell you? Sometimes we wish we could communicate with them! They have many subtles ways of telling what they want... except for this one maybe! Would you like to understand what your cat is trying to tell you? We
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Cat webcam

Do you want to take a look at kittens and cats via webcams? Press this link! Live Cat and Kitten Webcams