Guide to Cat Breeds

The Cat Breed Guides provide brief, informative and fun facts on the various breeds of cat including their cat history, cat characteristics, and cat personalities. Learn fun facts about your favorite cat and find great links to more resources and information about cats.

If you already know which cat breed you’d like to learn more about you can click on a Cat Breed Profile below. Otherwise, Join the Cat Breed Parade and Browse pictures and short descriptions of each cat breed type!

Always think before you get a cat

Things To Check Before You Get A Cat

Every one wants to get a cat because of their adorable pretty faces and their shenanigans. You too want one ...
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Old Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water

Have you noticed that your old cat has been drinking water more than usual lately? Has he been repeatedly going ...
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‘Spasticity’ In Felines

It Is Possible For Cats To Suffer From Spasticity Spasticity is a muscular dystomy, a form of mitochondrial myopathy. To this day, there ...
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Cat Diseases: Preventing The Transmission To Humans

Prevention of Transmission of Zoonoses Cats are not really dangerous creatures to keep in the home in relation to zoonotic ...
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Diseases That Cats Can Transmit To Humans

Over the years cats have become the world’s most popular pet owing to their irresistible mysterious charm. Many are even ...
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The Importance Of Water For Senior Cats

When Does My Cat Become A Senior? Generally, it is accepted that a cat begins to enter its senior years ...
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Online Pet Shops – Surely Keeping Your Cat Perfectly Contented

Your cat is always your most devoted pal. Ensuring your feline is in a perfectly good condition and happy is ...
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Things to Know Before Declawing Your Cat

Cat declawing is something that many cat owners think about when they see that their pet scratches. You have many ...
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Cat Nutrition Basics – Proteins

Protein stands out as a basic building block for enzymes, cells, organs, tissues, antibodies, and hormones. It is crucial for reproduction, ...
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Cat artists

There are many artists who create beautiful paintings of cats. Artists love cats. And so we cannot get enough of ...
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